Profondia Web Tracker

A professional web presence requires time and money. Over the past few years, the internet has become an essential distribution channel for consumer goods, and it’s important that a business solutions provider’s web presence also supports its sales activities rather than simply serving as a ‘shop window’.

Unfortunately, it has previously been difficult to get in contact with visitors to your website: tracing IP addresses requires a lot of effort and involves very high scatter losses. But now, the Profondia Web Tracker is here to provide order and efficiency.

Thanks to a collaboration with, it’s now possible to identify which companies have visited which pages of your website. The tedious handling of IP addresses is no longer necessary, and visitors who cannot be clearly identified are eliminated at the very beginning of the process. You therefore know immediately which companies are visiting your website. But do these visitors have potential?

If the company in question is included in your userbase licence, you will immediately receive a deep link to the corresponding company profile. If it is in the userbase but is not a part of your target group, the Profondia-xTelelink number is shown. This means that the company has at least 30 employees and 10 computer workstations. The deep link integration also simplifies the next step: the details of decision-makers included in the licence allow you to identify the responsible person at the company, while comprehensive information about their IT solutions and the way they are being used enables a personalised, situation-specific approach.

Of course, the Profondia Web Tracker can also be combined with our Em@il Service to optimal effect. This service allows you to discover which companies were receptive to your email and clicked on your landing page – making a follow-up worthwhile.

We’d be delighted to demonstrate how your online activities can massively increase your sales. Get in touch!

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