Profondia AG

Profondia was founded in 1991. Our core business is the collection of detailed information on the use of ICT at the 13,700 biggest companies in Switzerland.

In addition to the ongoing maintenance management of our Userbase ICT database, we have created a certain capacity for performance of customer-specific surveys.

The main focus of more than 20 employee at the Schlieren and Basel sites is to guarantee high quality standards in order to enable our customers systematic and well-targeted market development.

Our mission

  • Our employees are IT and telecommunications specialists.
  • We deliver the latest data on the use of ICT throughout the Swiss market.
  • For the purposes of comprehensive data collection, we strive to ensure the highest response rate and provide the content in clearly structured and concise formats.
  • User-friendly applications facilitate efficient work.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the ICT market ensures adjustment of the information content to current market conditions.
  • Tailored consulting and support ensure optimal use of our data.

Hit your targets quicker with Profondia

We have answers to the following key questions and can help you reach your goals faster:

  • How big is your market potential?
  • How can your market be segmented?
  • Where are decisions made in respect to ICT investments and who are the contact persons?
  • Does the sales team communicate effectively with the right contacts?
  • What hardware and software are used and which service contracts are in place?
  • What investments are planned over the next 12 months?
  • Who are your competitors’ customers?
  • What is the market share of the individual ICT providers?
  • Who is gaining market share from which specific competitors and why?