Userbase Analytics: Find out where the ICT market is heading

Almost no other market moves as quickly as the IT market. Userbase Analytics helps you keep your eye on trends and shows you how demand is evolving, as well as how the individual market players are positioned.

Userbase Analytics allows analysis of the market over a specific period of time and delivers answers to questions such as:

  • How have market shares shifted between the various providers or technologies?
  • Do certain market segments attract a particularly high number of new customers?
  • Are certain geographic regions experiencing a greater degree of customer flight?
  • Are customer movements of a certain market participant particularly prominent?
  • Is there a predominant reason for the change?
  • Which IT service providers are particularly active in a specific technology sector?


Userbase Analytics is an additional module to which our Userbase customers can subscribe. Data can be further filtered and analysed within the subscribed target group from Full Data to Full Service.