Bigger is better ? except here!

It is not the number of potential new customers that is essential to your success ? it’s the quality. A smaller target group with cleverly selected criteria will get you to your destination more quickly and ensure the efficient use of your resources.

Our Userbase ICT database offers your company the right contacts ? updated daily and clearly organised according to numerous criteria relevant to ICT providers: number of employees, size of the IT department, roles of the decision makers, IT hardware installations and equipment, software solutions, third-party service contracts. This enables you to define your target group with the utmost precision and ensure your marketing budget hits your target.


For more than 30 years, we have focused on the generation of high-quality data through our ICT database that reflects the Swiss ICT market, to the benefit of our long-standing, satisfied customers. All information regularly undergoes systematic analysis in order to deliver quality that surpasses that of address lists from other providers.